Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Pale Pink Patent Leather Dress Design

I am just obsessed with the color and surprisingly that fact that it is patent. This season I have been intrigued by all things shiny and eye-catching. that I transformed into a hi-lo skirt instead. Love it when a clothing item has versatility. And lastly, I am very much in love with this detachable collar. It is the perfect quirky touch to any outfit.

A lover of this time of year, I am not complaining one bit at all. I only packed mainly sweaters with me on my trip but I was wishing I had brought some coats as well. Luckily I purchased this vintage moto jacket, and it definitely did the trick! I have been in search for a real leather jacket for such a long time, so I was super happy when I found this one. And since it is vintage, it is all worn-in and ready to go. Such a classic piece that I know I will wear all the time this winter. It is a nice little break from my beloved cardigan collection

Girl can Scout Fashion Dress

Hopefully today when I'm done with all my orders I can just sit back and plan my outfits and outings and such. But for today, I'm sharing this uber cute pic of what I call a burst of color for fall. I was searching for inspiration for my NYC/Fall outfits and found this little piece of heaven and just had to share!