Monday, September 8, 2014

Versus Versace Clothing Collection Display Monochrome Memorable Section

 Versus Versace Clothing Collection Display Monochrome Memorable Section

Versus Versace monochrome palette brings the Spring / Summer newest presented at New York Fashion Week 2015 on Monday (09/08/2014). Black and white was presented with dynamic style and a little bit sexy in a series of dresses and suits. In addition to these two basic colors, Donatella Versace and JW Anderson also led to a golden color in order to give a touch of glamor to the stage show with a total of 47 this look.

Black Blazer suit. A series of suit blazer with black pants or skirt paced fashion show started with setting the stage full of glass. Elegant fashion memorable was presented with a touch of glamor thanks to detailed gold buttons and black belt decorated with Versace logo. Some display also looks quite sexy with the implementation without any depth blazer paired with a mini skirt.

Gold Button Details. In addition to the blazer, gold buttons are also present beautify a number of dress. As the following display, gold buttons placed on the side to two sides halter dress with slit accents. This time, the detail is not only fitted as decoration but have a practical function so users can specify which parts of the altitude.

Pin. Still in black with a touch of gold, sensual re-coloring canal memorable stage show. This time the pin selected as the details for the sake of beautifying one-shoulder dress. Pin with a large enough size cutout accents are pinned on so that further adds to the impression section.

Gold touches. Gold color is not only displayed on the details like studs and safety pins. Color that can give a touch of glamor is occasionally appear as basic color clothing such as blazers and skirts. Versus Versace was re-combine them with tops and black pants. Although not having nan intricate detail, the display looks bold with the application of the blazer.

Print. Having spoiled with treats black dress, Versus gives color to stage a fashion show by displaying a white air-print. The print is a combination of graphics and logos lion motif Versace. In addition to display it as a suit jacket and skirt like the following display, Versus also present a black halter dress with a pattern like this on one side.

Fashion Dress Hijab Style Shea Rasol Popular

 Fashion Dress Hijab Style Shea Rasol Popular
Rasol Shea is one of the popular hijab fashion blogger from Malaysia. Shea is well known in the world hijabers. 25-year-old woman was also diligent in posting outfit photo of the day (OOTD) to Instagram. Shea following fashion when traveling.

Shea often appear simple when traveling. The blog owner by the name of 'Myamethyst-shea' it combines a long black skirt and a gray crop top. Shea looks complete with a black pashmina. This fashion style suitable for hanging or a trip to the mall.

The woman who likes to give a hijab tutorial on his blog that combines a sweater with a floral blouse transparent. He combines these tops with white pants. To appear simple, Shea just equip it with a simple hijab style and sunglasses. This style is suitable for vacation. Replace high heels with Birkenstock-style sandals or flat shoes if applied while on vacation.

In this photo, Shea combines long-sleeved crop top with a white shirt. To perform matching, he wore white pants. White shirt dress fit combined with a variety of colors. If you feel too monotonous to add a statement necklace or wear a patterned scarf that has a similar color.

Celebrity Instagram (selebgram) with more than 65 thousand followers that look trendy with neon colors skirt. He combines neon yellow skirt with a blouse stripe motif. Shea combines fashion with rectangular patterned scarf and long black scarf as a scarf. This style can be worn to formal events. Add high heels to perform optimally.

Shea mix and match casual look with green pants and a black blouse. At that time he wore the shoes from Coach nude and black color combination. His picture is then displayed by the official Facebook account of international Coach.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Eugenie Bouchard Fashion Dress Beauty Tennis Girls

To be following her around, awestruck and smitten, wearing their white, “Genie Army” T-shirts, with the red maple leaf and her name on the front, while cheering her every shot. Cheering. And groaning.

Oh, yes, dying just a little on the inside when Genie Bouchard, the Montreal-born object of their tennis-fan affections, took a softball question from a reporter about who her dream date would be. It was sort of a joint idea between Genie and I. I don’t even know if we liked the song but it was just super-popular at the time.

Basically it was all the bits of dancing that we messed up. Genie’s coach was filming most of it, like outside the Olympic stadium and outside the Starbucks next to our hotel and so you’ve got her shouting instructions at us, like: ‘move a bit closer’ and ‘your dancing’s crap’ and there are bits with some of the other players in it, where they messed up.

It's the Australian Open where the 19-year-old plays in the semi final that the world has got to know the fiercely competitive Canadian. She is fashion forward and has serious big dollar marketing potential. The next few years we will be hearing lots more about Bouchard, that's for sure.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ana Ivanovic Tennis Plays Beauty Fashion Dress Gallery

Ana Ivanovic Tennis Plays Beauty Fashion Dress Gallery

Former tennis world number one Ana Ivanovic has created quite a stir both on and off court at this year’s annual ASB Classic Tennis Tournament. On court she’s been formidable and off court she’s been wowing the crowds with her stunning good looks and standout fashion sense. The Serbian superstar has also been rubbing shoulders with tennis fans at the ASB Classic, where you can enjoy Mo√ęt. On the eve of meeting Venus Williams in the final in Auckland today, Ana shares with us a few of her fashion and beauty faves.

Fashion mostly refers to the style of clothing worn at a particular time. Clothing at its most basic is to keep us warm, but it serves many other functions. It needs to fit the customs and norms of society. Clothing need to be accepted as more or less 'normal'. It needs, for instance, to preserve decency.

Fashion can also mean a style of language or behaviour. Fashions are a kind of nonverbal communication. They communicate something, but exactly what is something of a mystery. Often what they express is membership of a particular group. Fashions are like trends. They change more quickly than the entire culture. The term 'fashion' is often used a synonym for glamour and style. Sometimes the term is used in a negative sense, to mean a 'fad'.

There are fashions in many types of human activity and ways of thinking. There are fashions in architecture the way people build houses and interior design, the way people decorate inside their houses. There are fashions for clothing. There are fashions for dance and music, and for the way people speak. There are fashions for ideas.

Fashion is more than just a designer's whim. Fashion is a reflection of a given time, socially, politically, economically, and artistically. The changing styles show just as much about history and the time period as any history book. It reflects on what people think, what they valued and how they lived. Fashion is a statement, a way of living. Fashion is used in different ways such as clothing, culture, religions etc. Clothes are not just for keeping warm!

Fashion is a way to express one's self. Many teenagers show their ideas and opinions by the way they look. They may want to look unique and individual, often to be a member of a group which looks unique. Fashion is superficial on the surface but as the outside of a person is the only bit that other people see, what they wear is meaningful. It helps people to make their first opinion of you and can influence the opinions and ideas of other people.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Shaila Sabt Style Fashion Dress Model Miss Universe 2014

Sabt, who has a bachelor's degree in human resources, said her main dream is to become an international model and represent her country. Bahraini model has been nominated for Miss Universe 2014, becoming the first Arab Gulf woman to take part in the largest beauty pageant in the world. Sabt, who has a bachelor's degree in human resources, said her main dream is to become an international model and represent her country.

Modeling is a passion which I will always be doing. As for my career I have future plans at my sister’s newly opened Production & Distribution Company where I will be responsible for the Human Resource Department. Hence, there is a difference between the two but I plan to keep up with both.

Beauty comes from the inside out, so when you want it to show make sure you project it in a good light. Khaleejesque would like to thank Shaila Sabt for her time and would love to wish her the best of luck in her future ventures.