Monday, September 8, 2014

Versus Versace Clothing Collection Display Monochrome Memorable Section

 Versus Versace Clothing Collection Display Monochrome Memorable Section

Versus Versace monochrome palette brings the Spring / Summer newest presented at New York Fashion Week 2015 on Monday (09/08/2014). Black and white was presented with dynamic style and a little bit sexy in a series of dresses and suits. In addition to these two basic colors, Donatella Versace and JW Anderson also led to a golden color in order to give a touch of glamor to the stage show with a total of 47 this look.

Black Blazer suit. A series of suit blazer with black pants or skirt paced fashion show started with setting the stage full of glass. Elegant fashion memorable was presented with a touch of glamor thanks to detailed gold buttons and black belt decorated with Versace logo. Some display also looks quite sexy with the implementation without any depth blazer paired with a mini skirt.

Gold Button Details. In addition to the blazer, gold buttons are also present beautify a number of dress. As the following display, gold buttons placed on the side to two sides halter dress with slit accents. This time, the detail is not only fitted as decoration but have a practical function so users can specify which parts of the altitude.

Pin. Still in black with a touch of gold, sensual re-coloring canal memorable stage show. This time the pin selected as the details for the sake of beautifying one-shoulder dress. Pin with a large enough size cutout accents are pinned on so that further adds to the impression section.

Gold touches. Gold color is not only displayed on the details like studs and safety pins. Color that can give a touch of glamor is occasionally appear as basic color clothing such as blazers and skirts. Versus Versace was re-combine them with tops and black pants. Although not having nan intricate detail, the display looks bold with the application of the blazer.

Print. Having spoiled with treats black dress, Versus gives color to stage a fashion show by displaying a white air-print. The print is a combination of graphics and logos lion motif Versace. In addition to display it as a suit jacket and skirt like the following display, Versus also present a black halter dress with a pattern like this on one side.

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