Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Natalia Soledad Rodríguez Miss Universo Argentina Fashion Style

Natalia Soledad Rodríguez, más conocida como Natalia Rodríguez es una modelo argentina. Trabaja desde 2007, pero se hizo más popularmente conocida tras ser elegida Miss Argentina y participar en Miss Universo 2011.

En Monte Hermoso fue coronada como Fiesta Nacional de la Primavera en el año 2003 y el verano del 2004 se consagró como la primera Reina del Verano de Monte Hermoso. En el 2008 fue descubierta e ingresó a la agencia de modelos Leandro Rud Model's, del manager Leandro Rud.3 Desde entonces, la joven trabajó en Argentina y en México. Su primer desfile fue para Roberto Giordano.4 Luego se desligo de la agencia y viajó a México para unirse a otra agencia de modelos. Cuatro meses después volvió a Buenos Aires.

En 2009 fue elegida junto a Ainoha Aguirre Moura como concursantes del Summer New Faces Contest.
Gracias a la fama que obtuvo por ser Miss Argentina fue embajadora de su propia campaña "No más chicos con sida" en Fundamin. Natalia fue elegida en el evento Miss Universo Argentina 2011, el 4 de julio de 2011, en el palacio Alsina. El jurado estaba integrado por la conductora de TV Mirtha Legrand, Mirtha, Evelyn Sheild.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Style Pale Pink Patent Leather Dress Design

I am just obsessed with the color and surprisingly that fact that it is patent. This season I have been intrigued by all things shiny and eye-catching. that I transformed into a hi-lo skirt instead. Love it when a clothing item has versatility. And lastly, I am very much in love with this detachable collar. It is the perfect quirky touch to any outfit.

A lover of this time of year, I am not complaining one bit at all. I only packed mainly sweaters with me on my trip but I was wishing I had brought some coats as well. Luckily I purchased this vintage moto jacket, and it definitely did the trick! I have been in search for a real leather jacket for such a long time, so I was super happy when I found this one. And since it is vintage, it is all worn-in and ready to go. Such a classic piece that I know I will wear all the time this winter. It is a nice little break from my beloved cardigan collection

Girl can Scout Fashion Dress

Hopefully today when I'm done with all my orders I can just sit back and plan my outfits and outings and such. But for today, I'm sharing this uber cute pic of what I call a burst of color for fall. I was searching for inspiration for my NYC/Fall outfits and found this little piece of heaven and just had to share!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Autumn's Arrival Fashion Dress Trendy

I can't be too sure, but I think that Autumn has unofficially arrived. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am saying this and it is only September! I was able to pull out this bobble-y sweater today and just felt so cozy in it. I have found myself walking the streets of Philly listening to good fall tunes like Fleet Foxes and Billie Holiday, while drinking a hot drink several times this week and feeling totally comfortable in autumn's breeze. I definitely like Philly exponentially better in this weather. Can't help it, I just get so happy this time of year!

It's a season when cooler morning air kisses our cheeks, the scent of fresh mint wafts along river banks and leaves turn into canvases of yellow, orange, red and rust. These are welcome signs after months of Valley heat. Autumn, with all its splendor, calls us back outdoors. To rivers. To the foothills. To hiking and biking trails. To vineyards and the high country for the fall colors. These are the reasons we enjoy living here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blush Fashion Dress Bonnie Barton

It's no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that blush pink is one of my favorite colors. So of course I was instantly obsessed with this cape cardigan! It is the perfect transition piece into Fall, great for days that are breezy and cool. Anyways, I wore this on Saturday for adventures around the city with my dear friend Laura visiting me here in Philly! We had an amazing brunch at this amazing all- organic place and then did some shopping around the city. These photos were taken before it got annoyingly hot in Philadelphia. Neutrals with a pop of color is one of my favorite ways to dress!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pigtails Fashion Hairstyle Trendy

Very young girls wear their hair in pigtails because their mommies do their hair for them. Of course, this is because the hairstyle is easy and moms just want their little girls to look cute. When girls get older, the pigtails hairstyle is sometimes selected out of choice. This certainly goes for teenagers, but it is also true for young women as they mature into their 20's, and sometimes beyond. This begs the question, "Why?" Why do young women sometimes choose to wear their hair in pigtails?

The possible reasons for pigtails being a hairstyle of choice are many, some more obvious than others. When the weather is hot, getting the hair away from the head is a cooler way to go, and pigtails help immensely. When a girl is short on time and needs to get her hair ready in a jiffy, pigtails are quick and easy. Ladies might wear pigtails as a fashion statement. Or they might wear them because they want to look young, playful, cute, or sexy. (And yes, pigtails can be both cute and sexy at the same time.) Another possibility for pigtails is when a young lady wishes to present herself as an enigma. "Is she a good girl pretending to be bad, or a bad girl trying to look good?" Pigtails are an attention getter, and the more mature the woman wearing pigtails, the more attention those pigtails get.

If you are the hairstyles you like practical, not too complicated you life and the queue is one of your most sought after options, you are lucky. And is there is no doubt that, with the braids, the eternal ponytail retrieves role, as we have seen in some of the parades of the main international catwalks for spring-summer. Albeit with very different styles: that cascade high, straight, tousled air ... and even double!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Women Fashion Stylist

A Fashion stylist is the job title of someone who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. Stylists are often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, collaborating with the fashion designer, photographer/director, hair stylist and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project.

The job description varies greatly depending on the assignment. Stylists in the editorial and celebrity fields work primarily with designer samples, which are shown during fashion presentations and are lent to members of the fashion press during the 4-6 months before retail sales begin. High-level stylists may collaborate directly with designers to produce custom clothing for celebrity clients or editorials; this is common for celebrity stylists whose clients attend awards shows, and for fashion editors at top magazines. Stylists may also provide services such as personal shopping, restructuring a client's entire wardrobe, reorganizing a client's closet, or other duties relating to the client's personal lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beautiful Colorful Fashion Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Colorful Fashion Wedding Dresses
The color is one of the hottest trends for wedding dresses! What started about a decade ago with the legendary blue belt dress Amsale has expanded and evolved into a wedding dress with colorful accents more. Is your style a little pink or red extravaganza of all, examine the ideas of the beautiful to wear a colorful wedding dress.

The current trend in wedding dresses is to infuse a little of color. Beading, sequins, sashes, and embroidery in black, red, blue, and purple are all popular choices for modern brides. Choosing a gown in ivory is different enough from white and off-white gowns, but still simple and classic looking. Ivory is a timeless color that may even look better on some brides than shades of white.

The collection of Pretty Colorful Wedding Gowns of Barbie Bridal is a delicious candy buffet of beautiful, colorful wedding dresses that would make Princess Bride swoon. Above, sweet distinctive pink and black layered dress sold macaroons. Here, light blue wedding dresses with white bows. If you prefer a more casual effect, light yellow flowers would be lovely with a blue wedding dress.

Beautiful Kids Wedding Dress Fashion Design

Beautiful Kids Wedding Dress Fashion Design
Dress not only fit for use for the young alone, the children will also look beautiful even if they wear a cute dress. Dress is used of course not much different from the design to dress teens. But the kids do not get eliminated from the design. Beautiful black satin bodice with white organza skirt with black satin edging to bottom of skirt. Embellished with black organza ribbon detail. Lined and netted for extra volume. Great winter party or flower girl dress.

We love this dress! Brown stretchy velvet bodice with long sleeves and greeny blue organza skirt with embroidered chocolate brown overlay. There are tiny sequins in the embroidery which shimmer as the light catches them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jason Wu Spring Fashion Mode Design

Jason Wu Spring Fashion Mode Design
Graphic linear patterns, natural eco looking colors & strong graphic seaming was the overall look at Yigal Azrouel’s Spring 2010 collection show. This was the first time in my recollection that he showed his men’s & women’s collections.

This collection broke no meaningful fashion barricades, but offered enough fresh perspective to keep the customers returning for more. While dressing first lady Michelle Obama has put his name on everyone’s lips he must be feeling a lot of pressure to constantly top his previous collection. He should have no worries as his Spring collection confirmed his talent as a designer. His show featured beautiful short dresses, blousy tops and loose pants.

Fashion Chalet Dress Wallpapers

Fashion Chalet Dress Wallpapers

Fashion Verbatim Trendy Dress Design

Fashion Verbatim Trendy Dress Design
The gamut of fashion from runway reviews to red carpet celebrity style to street fashion. well accustomed to my shenanigans, used just a clear base coat, adding American Apparel lacquer on the tips in Neon Coral, Neon Green, and Neon Yellow. On absurdly hot summer days, when the thought of layering makes you want to leap into an ice bath, sometimes a solid “.