Monday, February 3, 2014

Eugenie Bouchard Fashion Dress Beauty Tennis Girls

To be following her around, awestruck and smitten, wearing their white, “Genie Army” T-shirts, with the red maple leaf and her name on the front, while cheering her every shot. Cheering. And groaning.

Oh, yes, dying just a little on the inside when Genie Bouchard, the Montreal-born object of their tennis-fan affections, took a softball question from a reporter about who her dream date would be. It was sort of a joint idea between Genie and I. I don’t even know if we liked the song but it was just super-popular at the time.

Basically it was all the bits of dancing that we messed up. Genie’s coach was filming most of it, like outside the Olympic stadium and outside the Starbucks next to our hotel and so you’ve got her shouting instructions at us, like: ‘move a bit closer’ and ‘your dancing’s crap’ and there are bits with some of the other players in it, where they messed up.

It's the Australian Open where the 19-year-old plays in the semi final that the world has got to know the fiercely competitive Canadian. She is fashion forward and has serious big dollar marketing potential. The next few years we will be hearing lots more about Bouchard, that's for sure.