Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Punk Fashion Designer

Punk Fashion Designer
So, as a storm was raging on back East this last week, New York Fashion Week did not subside. Dozens of designers have unleashed ready-to-wear collections, but alas…they are for next spring. September is a funny leeway in between fall and the very end of summer. White season is officially over, but yet it is too warm to don sweaters and tights. 

As somewhat of a rebellious girl, it’s tough to abide by such restrictive rules with fashion, particularly when you live in a rather warm climate. So instead, I like to pick and choose favorite looks that are intended for future seasons, i.e. Spring 2009, and get ideas from those to use for Fall. Band of Outsiders presented Boy with the lovely Kirsten Dunst as their spokes model.

Paper thin sweaters and pencil skirts hang on the indie princess’ slim figure, but rather than pointy toe stilettos on the feet, envision the looks below paired with some warm cognac leather boots, or a fringed scarf—an accessory that many a neck will bare this season. I can’t even imagine putting on a winter pea coat right now but slowly layering on top of light spring/summer pieces might just get me in the mood.

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