Friday, April 3, 2009

Vivienne Westwood Couture Punk

Vivienne Westwood Couture Punk
If there was a mismatch made in hell in the fashion world it would have been Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson. This prophecy was fulfilled at the Vivienne Westwood Fall Ready- to-Wear 2009 show. Apparently Westwood didn’t take her meds while designing this collection because it was a complete mess from beginning to end. The red dye is starting to seep into her brain. Exhibit A- look above. I don’t even know where my eyes should rest. I think I have a headache. Moving on, I’m actually quite depressed about this. Viv is one of my most favorite designers ever-and she sort of let me down. Like in the way a parent promises to take you to the circus, but doesn’t and then buys you a candy bar to shut you up. But, I suppose the photos above are like going to the circus! but I still feel let down

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