Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty Women Fashion Clothes

Beauty Women Fashion Clothes
The daily mail has reported this that women who don’t even wear everything that they own but will refuse to throw out anything, thinking may be they could wear it later but they never do. Women have a fetish for clothes, shoes and bags and this fetish may also be making them shop whenever they see a bargain or a trend that is a rage in the society. They buy it and never wear it- maybe never get a chance or think after buying that they won’t want to be seen dead in. Reports have said that it is the ultimate truth that women don’t clear out their closets .

It is said that jeans are the most unworn clothes. Statistics says that one in five women keep in their closets up to six pairs of shoes that will never be worn in their entire life. And almost every woman owns at least one top or shirt they “would not be seen dead in”. Now why do they even keep such clothes or shoes with them. Fashion Scarves and Shawls was created to provide the most elegant, fashionable, comfortable and quality scarves, shawls and fashion accessories.

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