Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greed Punk Fashion Pictures

Greed is the self-serving desire for the pursuit of money, wealth, power, food, or other possessions, especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is generally considered a vice, and is one of the seven deadly sins in Catholicism.
For my final project at college I decided to do an outfit based on one of the Seven Sins. I chose to do the seven sins because looking at the fashion industry it's so wonderfully disgustingly full of sin!
The sin I chose was Greed; simply because fashion is all about having more; the latest 'it' item, wearing something only once before tossing it away and needing as much money as you can to be able to afford it. I decided green was a more suitable colour than gold as these days the dollar is the widest used currency in the world.

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