Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trends And Styles For Pictures

Trends And Styles For Pictures
You've got legs and this is the season to flaunt them. From skirts and dresses to shorts, hemlines this spring are north of the knee. Look for full tiered and pleated skirts, fluid short shorts and soft, draped minidresses. Here are some of our favorite mini styles for every budget.

It’s almost time to pack away our winter clothes and venture off to the malls, department stores, and boutiques for spring shopping. Fashion changes with each season and each year brings new trends or styles for many to follow. Starting with the stars and trickling down to consumers or street styles - many different people are gaining recognition among the fashion world. Looks that were once frowned upon, such as the punk rock look are now accepted and worn by a wide array of people. Fashion is more about expression. It allows you to freely express your mood, overall image, and character.

Fashion repeats and recycles itself and adds new styles, colors, and features along the way. This spring there are a variety of new looks to choose from. Expect to see lots of bold prints, flowing skirts of different lengths, safari looks, printed bags, wide leg pants, the retro look of color blocking, floral prints, and bright color shoes. You can expect to see new trends such as cocktail shorts and summer jumpsuits from a variety of designers. Also expect new spring-like colors of many shades.

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